Ana Tiwary

Ana Tiwary


Ana Tiwary is a producer and director based in Sydney, Australia.

Ana Tiwary is an independent producer/director known for telling untold, cross-cultural stories. She is currently on the Screen Producer Australia’s “One to Watch” producers for 2015.

Ana’s career has been shaped through her work on Bollywood films in Mumbai, at National Geographic Channel USA and producing numerous documentaries for ABC’s Compass

Ana holds a Masters Degree in Film & TV and her latest works include documentaries ‘Sunshine & Shade’ (NDTV), and ‘God in Games’ (ABC).

Ana works on contemporary themes and her style of presenting stories is visual, compelling, entertaining and authentic.  She’s passionate about telling untold, Australian stories and creating content that brings gender, racial and cultural diversity to our screens. 

Born in India, and having lived in Germany and the US, Ana moved to Australia over eight years ago and continues to work on international coproductions. She is currently developing an exciting slate of projects in collaboration with a talented creative team.