Michael Reichman

Michael Reichman


Michael Reichman is a multi‐talented filmmaker and has collaborated on several films with Ana Tiwary.

They created indiVisual films as a producer/director team and share a mutual love for story‐telling. Besides being trained in filmmaking and music composition, Michael has completed a Masters in Sociology which has proven to be incredibly useful in researching and developing social documentaries.

He has lived and worked in Germany, India, USA and Australia.This exposure to different cultures makes him aware of socio‐cultural challenges and he is able to add a unique perspective to his stories. The most recent documentary Michael and Ana have collaborated on is ‘Sunshine & Shade’ which was screened as Opening Night film at South Asian Films in Focus and the International Inter‐cultural Film Festival.

This documentary about the trials and triumphs of Indian students in Australia also screened in Melbourne, Perth, Newcastle and Mumbai. ‘Sunshine & Shade’ was broadcast at prime‐time on NDTV, one of the largest National Networks in India. Along with having excellent producing talent, Michael has very strong writing skills and he is a natural story‐teller.

With complimentary and unique skills, Michael and Ana form a strong team dedicated to creating beautiful and bold documentaries.