‘Sunshine & Shade’ is an observational documentary…

‘Sunshine & Shade’ is an observational documentary…

…which follows the trials and triumphs of two Indian students in Australia. Beyond sensational headlines, these two contrasting journeys take us into a far more complex reality.

Screenings and Festivals

This is a self-funded, independent documentary having had several screenings in Australia and overseas:

  • Indian Film Festival Melbourne,– September 2015
  • Broadcast on NDTV Documentary 24/7 at prime-time Sat, Sun; Mon, Tues – 2014
  • Mumbai International Women’s Film Festival – 2013
  • University of Western Australia, Perth – 2013
  • State Library of Victoria – 2013
  • University of Newcastle – 2013
  • Sydney Intercultural Film Festival – 2013
  • Opening Night Film: South Asian Films in Focus – 2012

At every screening, the feedback from the audience has been positive and enthusiastic.


“With this documentary I wanted to explore the complexities of living in Australia from the eyes of Indian students. I was surprised by what I learnt while researching and making this film. The two main subjects Kanishk and Sharn took me on a journey that has opened my eyes about what international students go through on a daily basis.” 
– Ana Tiwary, Director/Producer Sunshine & Shade